6 Innovative Ways To Get Moving!

Moving throughout the day can be difficult, especially if you have a desk job. With an increase in jobs that don’t get people moving, we need to find a way to stay active throughout the day. Research shows that non-exercise activities for thermogenesis (NEAT) are more effective at increasing calorie burn then exercise alone.
Figuring out how to get more NEAT into your life doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve come up with six ways that you probably haven’t thought of to get moving.

  1. Walk While You Talk
    A lot of time at the office is spent on the phone. Taking part of long conference calls seems to be a new way of life for office workers. You can take this time as an opportunity to get moving. Get a portable headset for your office phone (ask your boss to provide you with one).

This allows you to pace and wander when taking long conference calls. Just walking back and forth while talking on the phone for a half hour can increase your daily step count and your overall caloric burn. You can use this both at the office and at home when making calls to friends and family.

  1. Play Exercise Games
    The gaming industry seems to have caught on to the need for NEAT with the advent of moving games. Commit to playing movement based games. They are a fun way to bond with your family and get everyone up and moving.

Don’t have an electronic gaming system? It’s ok, charades is a great way to play while moving that doesn’t require an expensive gaming system.

  1. Move Your Trash Can
    Whether you’re at home cooking or at the office, chances are that you keep your trash can close by. This minimizes the effort that you go through to throw things away. It also decreases your NEAT.

Shake things up and move your trash can across the room. If you really want to get moving, only throw things away in your outside trash bin. These small steps to get moving will really add up at the end of the day.

  1. Park Far Away
    Looking for a parking space is annoying at best. Driving up and down the rows to get a good spot during heavy shopping days can waste time and gas.

Instead of parking as close as possible commit to parking as far out as you can. This will increase your NEAT and alleviate the headache of finding a parking space. If you’re at a shopping center park at the opposite end of where you need to go.

  1. Put Items Away Individually

Whether you are at the office filing or at home putting away laundry, you can put your items away individually to increase your NEAT.
Take one shirt at a time to the drawer, or one file at a time. This may seem silly to do at first, but it allows you the time to get in that extra movement without feeling like you’re exercising.

  1. Fidget

Remember when you were a kid, and everyone told you to sit still and stop fidgeting? Turns out that was not good advice to follow. Fidgeting can be one of the most effective forms of NEAT because of how long we must sit to do our work.

Whether you are tapping your fingers on your desk or your heels under your desk, fidgeting can increase your calorie burn in ways that you didn’t think possible.

If you are trying to get moving, looking for innovative ways to increase your NEAT is going to help. When you can incorporate movement into your daily routines, you will decrease your sedentary time and improve your overall health.

Non-exercise activities for thermogenesis are not your traditional forms of movement. Get creative and start to look at your world with movement in mind. You will find that you can increase your NEAT in tons of fun and interesting ways.

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