The Importance Of Celebrating Milestones In Fitness

If you are currently on your own fitness journey, you know that the path from where you are right now to your goals is anything but a straight line. Fitness reflects life in several ways, obstacles being one of them.

On the other hand, you may be an eager beginner, chomping at the bit to begin transforming your body. Unfortunately for the beginner, there are plenty of products, programs and supplements out there promising to get you where you want to be in no time at all. The seasoned fitness veteran knows this to be nonsense.

Above anything else dictating success with your fitness goals is consistency. The perfect gym routine, intricately balanced diet and great recovery protocol will still not allow you to accomplish what you are striving for if you only adhere to this routine here and there.

Considering that consistency is mandatory in achieving fitness success, any routine you decide to follow needs to keep you enthusiastic and excited about moving forward. Human nature usually will not allow us to remain steadfast in something we do not enjoy or that makes us miserable.

The first and most obvious reason that routinely celebrating milestones is crucial is that your “end game” or ideal physique is probably a long way away. Transforming the body is certainly not an overnight task. If you refuse to allow yourself to feel any sense of accomplishment until the very end of the journey, you will most likely not make it there anyway.

It is important that you remain aware of all the small, less-noticeable improvements happening to your body on a regular basis. Maybe you lifted five more pounds than the week before, dropped three pounds on the scale or can finally see the outline of your abdominals showing in the perfect light conditions in your bathroom mirror, of course!).

The point is, even though the journey is anything but easy, avoid getting into the habit of keeping your head down and grinding away without ever taking the time to look up and appreciate the process.

Another reason that you should be celebrating milestones in your fitness journey is that the people around you are probably not going to. Most of the time, nobody is going to notice a drastic change in the way you look until pretty far down the road.

After all, most people don’t see you every single day and if they do, they are not taking the time to scrutinize any physical progress you may have made. What I am trying to get at here is that you cannot rely on outside sources of motivation to keep you own your path to achieving your fitness goals. This is a very easy habit to fall into, as a large portion of people looking to improve their fitness are doing so to impress other people, even if this occurs subconsciously. Frequent, small milestones occurring on your fitness journey are usually only going to be noticed by you, so it is important that you celebrate them. I guarantee there will be a LOT more support at the finish line than there was at the bottom of every hill and the start of each obstacle.

Finally, the last reason I want to emphasize regarding the importance of celebrating fitness milestones is because what other reward is there?

Unless you are a fitness model or a professional athlete with the potential to earn a large sum of money or new contract based on your physical performance, making progress in fitness is pretty much going to be a personal victory. However, this personal victory is certainly valuable when you consider it entails everything from increased quality of life, more self-confidence and much more longevity overall!

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